Doctor Doctor..Peppa Pig and Routines

Good Evening beautiful,

apologies for this post being late, its been a hectic morning of a stubborn two year old demanding a kite cause she had seen it on Peppa pig! damn you Peppa Pig.
Now as i type she’s demanding that Mummy see’s a doctor cause mummy has a cut on her hand… yes darling cause Mummy needs a doctor preferably one that looks like Tom Hardy who medicates patients with cocktails and sweet kisses ;]

with a bookshelf filled with parenting books, my daughter still isn’t established into a routine and we can never find one that fits us?
Mainly because morning times mummy is too lazy to get out of bed, as with depression I find that its hard for me to motivate myself, especially in the mornings! I’d re rather just lay in bed and stalk Facebook for the morning and play HayDay (guilty pleasure)

So here is a basis of a normal day indoors and I would love to get some tips for improvement.

5.30am/6.30am this is the time Noemie wakes up.. usually this is the time she also wakes up my mum.

8.00am/8.30am When I actually roll out of bed

9.00/9.30 am Breakfast

1pm Lunch

6.30pm/7pm Dinner
7.30pm/8pm bath time
9pm Bed for Noemie

11pm-1.30am Bed for me.

Now saying this as i am typing we haven’t had dinner yet and its already 7pm.. so this will then bring everything pushed back later ( and I have been naughty where I’ve had an afternoon nap!)

I might have to have a loom into Gina Ford, yes I know people are quite skeptical on her routine style, but at least she lays down a base for mothers like myself to work around.


Blogging When?

Morning beautiful’s!

so with the start of blogging i’ve decided that I will post on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday will be Mummy Mondays, this is where I will talk about anything to do with Mum stuff and Noemie, my soon to be three year old.

Wednesday is anything goes! and well that means its anything goes ( but i will try to keep mummy stuff only for Monday)

Friday is Favourite Fridays, so this could be fashion favourites for the week, beauty favourites, like most people do a monthly favourite, I’ve decided that its better for me to do weekly ones, so each week I can change it accordingly!

I might do the odd posts on the other days and I’ll see you next Monday 9am GMT

Favourite Friday; February

So here it is launching my favourite items for this month! i’m quite excited to get my blogging back on the road, I love to write and its ridiculous the amount of times i just long it off, but as one of my new year resolutions and a brand new laptop i’ve decided to kick start and give myself a push.
while i’m writing this my daughter is at Preschool and good old Jeremy Kyle is on in the background. Jeremy Kyle is a show that is slightly guilty to watch at the same time highly entertaining.
so any ways back to my favourites for February!


So i’m no expert on makeup but i wear enough of it to know what i like, so starting of with foundation I have been loving Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue foundation in 103 True Ivory. The foundation itself has brightening particles that really makes you look like you’ve had a full night of beauty sleep! something I defiantly need with a toddler thats up at the crack of dawn and refuses bed time. This foundation covers really nicely especially when its that time of the month to break out. This is defiantly a mummy make up must have also has the added benefits of vitamin c, your foundation can’t get any healthier then that ( well in my eyes any way lol )

like any lady i love love love perfume! But with my love of the stuff comes to me being quite fussy, my all time favourite perfume is Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb but the scent does not come cheap… actually when it runs out i will cry, but behold I have found another scent that is quite similar and a bigger bottle at the fraction of the price, I give you Arianna Grande perfume ARI and it is a beautiful scent especially for a celebrity perfume. I was really quite surprised when I first smelt what I describe as heaven in a bottle, its such a sweet long lasting scent that I have had so many compliments on it and defiantly my new favourite for every day wear and leave my more expensive perfume for night time and special events.


This month I have looked forward to the return of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) to the unknown, myself and fellow Mummy Sanctuary ladies indulge in this show like no tomorrow and I have even gotten one of my best friends into the show!

Thats it for me for Favourite Fridays , i’ll be back next week for more favourites so stay tuned and tell me what are your favourites for the months are?

A Tablet, Toddler, and Toy Story

Being up since 5am wasn’t something I signed up for, watching Toy Story for the millionth time this week wasn’t something I signed up for… well this is why I got Amazon Prime but that’s not the point, everyone needs prime. Noemie is currently multi-tasking at 6:15am, she has decided that she wants Toy Story 2 on Amazon Prime on the telly, while she clings onto my iPad watching YouTube videos of Egg surprises and PlayDoh.image1 [7284]while I’ll never under the fascination of these YouTube videos in a Toddler point of view, my nearly three year old loves watching them and it keeps her entertained for hours.. well the hour that mummy needs to get work done, check emails and possibly get and hour extra sleep in bed.

Now usually, my daughter doesn’t use my iPad but since she’s broken her Hudl, my iPad is her substitute ( good thing I have it insured)

This early morning post was slightly pointless, only to share the fact that I am up with a wide awake toddler ( joys of motherhood) and that I am watching Toy Story 2 for the millionth time and that my daughter is watching Egg Surprises.

I hope people have a better start to Sunday then I have.


The Perfect Depressioner

Suffering from depression isn’t a topic a not to take seriously, many people handle this illness in many ways.

I first realised I was depressed when i was a teenager ( and yes teenagers can be depressed ) my life wasn’t going how I wanted it to ( I was a vivid day dreamer and still am ) at the age of 15 I took an overdose of medication and that’s when my life changed for the worst and the best. I was under a lot of pressure at school with GCSE I knew I was going to fail and I just couldn’t cope with the exams and not being prepared for them. I had always pictured it was going to be like the kids from the American movies studying really hard for there SATS test, but unfortunately my world was a lot different, now I’m 24 and I’ve gown from my life and the depression.

The route of my depression was always more financial problems and to this darn day it still is but now add in a child, full time work and my mind that is trying to be so perfect, My conscious is collapsing on itself. I would say that it’s like I’m climbing on a big mountain every time i get closer to the top there’s an earth quake that’s shaking the core and I’m just falling down trying to climb back up and put the flag upon the victory.

I don’t know whether my strive for perfection makes me the way I am. But having depression is like a natural disaster you can’t shake, when the after math is over you just have to rebuild yourself again and then wait like a ticking time bomb.

New Years Resolutions

so all in all when making resolutions, I am terrible! I never keep to them an frankly i always give up within the month. But now I’ve learnt NYR (New Year Resolutions) are for goals to come true. Always stick with something small and make it into a habit!

So here’s mine!

•Be Debt Free & In charge of Finances•

(I am one of these people that cannot control their finances, I’m not in huge debt but I am in debt that makes me cry so this year I plan to follow the Dave Ramsey snow ball effect and do his 7 steps) 

• Drink More Water •

( so I don’t drink enough water I mean who doesn’t? I shall say it where I mean I don’t drink any bloody water at all! I know I know so shameful of me, so my goal for this year is to increase my water intake clear my skin I’m going to start small, so like a small bottle of water when I wake up and then another bottle when I have food ect ) 

• Be More involved •

I work in a great company that offers me a lot more then the basic benefits does. If you must know I work in Waitrose. My ultimate key is to get to my dream job, and being involved in work is the way forward!) 


• Be More More Organised •

( Where I do work nights, my days are not organised at all, I over sleep during the day and miss a lot of things like picking my daughter up from preschool! Which is not good. So I must be more organised with my life, work and family. By doing this I can have a good balance and not get charged excess amounts for being late, on preschool collections. So I’ve ordered myself a Erin Codren Planner to hopefully get myself in the Arse kicking shape that I need!) 

These are the only resolutions that I’ve made some of them might seem huge but im taking control and it should be one thing at a time. It’s always about believing that your dreams can come true and I surely believe that mine can too.