Back to Studying

so this isn’t really got anything to do with parenting, but it is a parenting choice I have made for myself… and that is to return back to School and finish off my education! yup there I have said it, I have really no formal qualifications, well none that I have successfully completed any ways and with being nearly 25 its about time I return back to school and finish this education and set myself up for a better career and prospects for me and my daughter.

School was never my forte as you say and I never flourished, I use to just dismiss homework and never focused properly, watching all these American shows the kids really take their academics very seriously, with studying and home work even exams! and tbh I’ve always wanted that, so now its time to get back on track and just focus on my academics more and study study study!

I’m going to go back and do a Access course, originally the course I want to do is Humanities but since my local college doesn’t offer it in a Access, I will have to do Business Studies.

Let me know if your a full time mum and student and how you manage to cope? any studying tips?



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