Doctor Doctor..Peppa Pig and Routines

Good Evening beautiful,

apologies for this post being late, its been a hectic morning of a stubborn two year old demanding a kite cause she had seen it on Peppa pig! damn you Peppa Pig.
Now as i type she’s demanding that Mummy see’s a doctor cause mummy has a cut on her hand… yes darling cause Mummy needs a doctor preferably one that looks like Tom Hardy who medicates patients with cocktails and sweet kisses ;]

with a bookshelf filled with parenting books, my daughter still isn’t established into a routine and we can never find one that fits us?
Mainly because morning times mummy is too lazy to get out of bed, as with depression I find that its hard for me to motivate myself, especially in the mornings! I’d re rather just lay in bed and stalk Facebook for the morning and play HayDay (guilty pleasure)

So here is a basis of a normal day indoors and I would love to get some tips for improvement.

5.30am/6.30am this is the time Noemie wakes up.. usually this is the time she also wakes up my mum.

8.00am/8.30am When I actually roll out of bed

9.00/9.30 am Breakfast

1pm Lunch

6.30pm/7pm Dinner
7.30pm/8pm bath time
9pm Bed for Noemie

11pm-1.30am Bed for me.

Now saying this as i am typing we haven’t had dinner yet and its already 7pm.. so this will then bring everything pushed back later ( and I have been naughty where I’ve had an afternoon nap!)

I might have to have a loom into Gina Ford, yes I know people are quite skeptical on her routine style, but at least she lays down a base for mothers like myself to work around.


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