Favourite Friday; February

So here it is launching my favourite items for this month! i’m quite excited to get my blogging back on the road, I love to write and its ridiculous the amount of times i just long it off, but as one of my new year resolutions and a brand new laptop i’ve decided to kick start and give myself a push.
while i’m writing this my daughter is at Preschool and good old Jeremy Kyle is on in the background. Jeremy Kyle is a show that is slightly guilty to watch at the same time highly entertaining.
so any ways back to my favourites for February!


So i’m no expert on makeup but i wear enough of it to know what i like, so starting of with foundation I have been loving Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue foundation in 103 True Ivory. The foundation itself has brightening particles that really makes you look like you’ve had a full night of beauty sleep! something I defiantly need with a toddler thats up at the crack of dawn and refuses bed time. This foundation covers really nicely especially when its that time of the month to break out. This is defiantly a mummy make up must have also has the added benefits of vitamin c, your foundation can’t get any healthier then that ( well in my eyes any way lol )

like any lady i love love love perfume! But with my love of the stuff comes to me being quite fussy, my all time favourite perfume is Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb but the scent does not come cheap… actually when it runs out i will cry, but behold I have found another scent that is quite similar and a bigger bottle at the fraction of the price, I give you Arianna Grande perfume ARI and it is a beautiful scent especially for a celebrity perfume. I was really quite surprised when I first smelt what I describe as heaven in a bottle, its such a sweet long lasting scent that I have had so many compliments on it and defiantly my new favourite for every day wear and leave my more expensive perfume for night time and special events.


This month I have looked forward to the return of PLL (Pretty Little Liars) to the unknown, myself and fellow Mummy Sanctuary ladies indulge in this show like no tomorrow and I have even gotten one of my best friends into the show!

Thats it for me for Favourite Fridays , i’ll be back next week for more favourites so stay tuned and tell me what are your favourites for the months are?


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