A Tablet, Toddler, and Toy Story

Being up since 5am wasn’t something I signed up for, watching Toy Story for the millionth time this week wasn’t something I signed up for… well this is why I got Amazon Prime but that’s not the point, everyone needs prime. Noemie is currently multi-tasking at 6:15am, she has decided that she wants Toy Story 2 on Amazon Prime on the telly, while she clings onto my iPad watching YouTube videos of Egg surprises and PlayDoh.image1 [7284]while I’ll never under the fascination of these YouTube videos in a Toddler point of view, my nearly three year old loves watching them and it keeps her entertained for hours.. well the hour that mummy needs to get work done, check emails and possibly get and hour extra sleep in bed.

Now usually, my daughter doesn’t use my iPad but since she’s broken her Hudl, my iPad is her substitute ( good thing I have it insured)

This early morning post was slightly pointless, only to share the fact that I am up with a wide awake toddler ( joys of motherhood) and that I am watching Toy Story 2 for the millionth time and that my daughter is watching Egg Surprises.

I hope people have a better start to Sunday then I have.



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