The Perfect Depressioner

Suffering from depression isn’t a topic a not to take seriously, many people handle this illness in many ways.

I first realised I was depressed when i was a teenager ( and yes teenagers can be depressed ) my life wasn’t going how I wanted it to ( I was a vivid day dreamer and still am ) at the age of 15 I took an overdose of medication and that’s when my life changed for the worst and the best. I was under a lot of pressure at school with GCSE I knew I was going to fail and I just couldn’t cope with the exams and not being prepared for them. I had always pictured it was going to be like the kids from the American movies studying really hard for there SATS test, but unfortunately my world was a lot different, now I’m 24 and I’ve gown from my life and the depression.

The route of my depression was always more financial problems and to this darn day it still is but now add in a child, full time work and my mind that is trying to be so perfect, My conscious is collapsing on itself. I would say that it’s like I’m climbing on a big mountain every time i get closer to the top there’s an earth quake that’s shaking the core and I’m just falling down trying to climb back up and put the flag upon the victory.

I don’t know whether my strive for perfection makes me the way I am. But having depression is like a natural disaster you can’t shake, when the after math is over you just have to rebuild yourself again and then wait like a ticking time bomb.


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