New Years Resolutions

so all in all when making resolutions, I am terrible! I never keep to them an frankly i always give up within the month. But now I’ve learnt NYR (New Year Resolutions) are for goals to come true. Always stick with something small and make it into a habit!

So here’s mine!

•Be Debt Free & In charge of Finances•

(I am one of these people that cannot control their finances, I’m not in huge debt but I am in debt that makes me cry so this year I plan to follow the Dave Ramsey snow ball effect and do his 7 steps) 

• Drink More Water •

( so I don’t drink enough water I mean who doesn’t? I shall say it where I mean I don’t drink any bloody water at all! I know I know so shameful of me, so my goal for this year is to increase my water intake clear my skin I’m going to start small, so like a small bottle of water when I wake up and then another bottle when I have food ect ) 

• Be More involved •

I work in a great company that offers me a lot more then the basic benefits does. If you must know I work in Waitrose. My ultimate key is to get to my dream job, and being involved in work is the way forward!) 


• Be More More Organised •

( Where I do work nights, my days are not organised at all, I over sleep during the day and miss a lot of things like picking my daughter up from preschool! Which is not good. So I must be more organised with my life, work and family. By doing this I can have a good balance and not get charged excess amounts for being late, on preschool collections. So I’ve ordered myself a Erin Codren Planner to hopefully get myself in the Arse kicking shape that I need!) 

These are the only resolutions that I’ve made some of them might seem huge but im taking control and it should be one thing at a time. It’s always about believing that your dreams can come true and I surely believe that mine can too.



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