The Survival of Parenthood

Don’t you just hate it when your beloved Toddler wakes up in the middle of the night crying for no apparent reason, and then refuses to go to sleep because she is now up? Yup.. I do too, We as parent try to survive. We log into survival mode and my survival mode is giving her my phone to play with and sticking Peppa pig in the dvd player just so mummy can get some more sleep.

Parenthood doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and believe me it didn’t come to me that easily, to be honest I struggled a lot, and it was hard and even now with a growing little person I still find it a pain. I say this like she’s a burden, but as much as I love and dote on my daughter, some nights I think what would life be like with out her, it defiantly wouldn’t be the same, it would be strange, but I wouldn’t have to worry about feeding someone to make sure there not hungry I wouldn’t have to be on call 24/7 I would get a decent undisturbed nights sleep and better more I wouldn’t have the responsibility.

Surviving being a parent is tough, and its hard work, it reminds me of something out of mean girls but instead of high school were now battling against other parents, at PTAs, School gates even at the soft play centre, there are parents every where and they are our predator and newbie parents like myself are the prey. Well thats what it feels like any ways. I’m just trying to survive in this modern world bringing up a toddler and if that means that she wakes up crying and I give her my phone or the iPad to play with at dumb o’clock in the morning just so I can get more rest bite so I am more engerised for the day I don’t call that dumb, I call that survival. I’ve had nearly three years of corrupted sleep like many parents out there I’m lucky that my daughter isn’t that bad and I do hope as she gets older sleeping will get better, but in the mean time I am happy to do what I do, as all parents were trying to survive the battle of right and wrong parenting and there is no real answer only that we do whats best for our situation.


What do I know?

What do I know? well I know how to spend money instead of save! I think I can vouch for 90% of the population that are terrible savers and are in debt! I think I know how to parent well I parent my way and that’s how I know. I know how to do many things…. I know how to shout at my daughter when she’s up and its way past her bedtime, I know about depression and how it effects me.

Were all different in so many ways, so we might know the same things but in reality when it comes to our choices what we know is down to personal preference and what we think. Get my drift?

So I am a terrible person when it comes to finances! I cannot save, I cannot budget and quite frankly I enjoy spending way to much money on nonsense things, I am stupid at prioritising and routines well thats a thing of the past.

with me writing, I just want something that will be able to grow with me, my experiences. I am not a fashion expert or a parenting expert, theres many bloggers and you tubers that do things that the general population wants to see… well its not reality is it? its just a glamourised glimpse of your so called every day life.

What I do know is that I am a single mother to a very demanding tiring toddler with medical problems that I wouldn’t know where to start. I am a person battling depression and finance control. I am a normal person.

So think to yourself, who are you? and what do you know?

Today someone told me to make a list of the things I want to achieve and tick them off one by one.

  1. Establish a routine.
  2. Be financially in control
  3. Think of a positive thought in the morning
  4. Be Kind
  5. Eat three meals a day.


These are my short term goals for now. It might not be much to you but its everything to me right now, as I said I am only human and I need to do this in order to help battle this rut I am in and the cycle of depression.




When Mummy Cries

When mummy cries its because mummy is upset.. for a split moment it was because i’ve done something to make mummy cry all i know is that mummy is angry and sobbing away not looking at me because I have done something bad. – Toddler

When mummy cries its because mummy is angry with herself, she’s angry that she shouted at you she’s angry that she’s crying and she’s crying cause she’s angry. Mummy doesn’t mean to make you upset. Mummy love’s you very much, just mummy needs a break. – ┬áMummy

Going Younique

So I’ve bitten the dust, and decided to join Younique as a presenter, and i am slightly nerve wracking, selling stuff isn’t my forte but I do love wearing make up and the kit itself isn’t that bad, so I thought why not try it out if I don’t like it then oh well, if I do then I might stick to it!

Being a working single mum, I want to find something that I am able to do flexible, and being able to work from home! which mum wouldn’t love that.

Currently I have my shop on Ebay @JustRoseGold at the moment its just a personal page but hopefully it will soon expand, also now doing younique make sure you check my shop out Just Rose Gold

I’ll make sure I’ll do honest reviews about the products and not be brainwashed!

Let me know if you have any at home business ideas! I would love to hear



Back to Studying

so this isn’t really got anything to do with parenting, but it is a parenting choice I have made for myself… and that is to return back to School and finish off my education! yup there I have said it, I have really no formal qualifications, well none that I have successfully completed any ways and with being nearly 25 its about time I return back to school and finish this education and set myself up for a better career and prospects for me and my daughter.

School was never my forte as you say and I never flourished, I use to just dismiss homework and never focused properly, watching all these American shows the kids really take their academics very seriously, with studying and home work even exams! and tbh I’ve always wanted that, so now its time to get back on track and just focus on my academics more and study study study!

I’m going to go back and do a Access course, originally the course I want to do is Humanities but since my local college doesn’t offer it in a Access, I will have to do Business Studies.

Let me know if your a full time mum and student and how you manage to cope? any studying tips?


Party in PJs


its officially FRIDAY! and that means PARTY!! in PJS, Netflix while eating a Galaxy bar.

So as Friday post promises a day of fashion… what am i kidding i am a mother if I’m not going out I’m living in my sweats but on the rare occasion I do want to look like a human being i look like this.. only if there was enough time in the morning before I take Noemie to preschool for me to look like this *cough* like some mothers do?

Sorry for the messy floor, Noemie sure does love making a mess!

So my grey sparkly sweater is from River Island, and my Jeans are black super skinny from River island.

I am pairing these up with my grey suede converses, my hair is pulled back into a high pony tail, some fake pearl earrings from Primark and my phone case is Ted Baker purchased at John Lewis.


I wish I could wake up every morning and look like this !! but in reality when I drop Noemie off to preschool I’m in sweats… last night make up run down my face and my hairs like a bird nest.


Happy World Book Day!

Afternoon beautiful :]

So I was meant to write a post yesterday, but after a struggle yesterday I wasn’t able to write about anything, but here I am on the THIRD of MARCH! and yes its world book day, so for kids of the UK it means dressing up as a book character… most schools now just make it fancy dress and a lot of parents send there children in anything, when I was younger I recall that we had to dress up as an actual character!

so because of today being world book day my daughter’s preschool did a Alice In Wonderland theme and behold Noemie was the Queen of Hearts, I’m so glad she wasn’t Alice as most actually every single girl there was Alice.
Her costume is from Asda and its the disney version of Queen of hearts and I just thought she looked so adorable!

what did your child dress up for today?

would love to see all your little bookworms!!